The perfect golf glove

What can the golf glove do?

Improve your game!

Unlike other golf products that promise to improve your golf score, the Golf Glove is a product that really can. The glove allows you to hold the grip of your racket firmly and in position with only light pressure, so that the racket does not lose control in the swing and hit moment and always remains stable. With the same stroke without a glove or even with a wet palm, players have to invest much more force in the grip position to control the club and, in the end, the golf swing.

The ideal fit

It is important that the model you choose fits well. This means that the closure, which is a Velcro fastener in almost all models, does not need to be stretched too far, nor should it “overlap” too much. The two Velcro parts should ideally fit exactly on top of each other. The fingers should be filled out, but neither too tight nor too loose. All in all, the glove should feel like a second skin as best as possible. Here, as a rule, a soft leather glove usually gives a better wearing feeling than a synthetic model.

On which hand do you wear a golf glove?

Always support the weaker hand, which is at the top of the handle, with a glove. The right-handed person thus wears a glove on the left hand, the left-handed person on the right hand.

Extend the life of your golf glove

Do you know this too? Stiff and brittle gloves without resilience? Barely purchased, your golf glove is already cracked or completely out of shape.

So how do you manage to extend the life of your glove in the future?

Here are a few important tips

Change your glove often during the round as well. You should always take a change of gloves on the round. The glove regains some resilience immediately after removal and starts the drying process immediately after removal. Best you have the same model in the same size a second time in your bag. It already helps to give the glove some “breathing space” between two strokes. It may sound annoying at first to take off your glove after every hit, but in the long run it will thank you with more suppleness, resilience and a longer life.

If you’ve ever watched a professional golf tournament, you’ll notice that almost all players are always without their glove between shots and sometimes even completely replace it with a new one during the round. The professional always wants to have a secure and dry grip feeling at the moment of impact. What is essential for a golf pro here should also be desirable for you.

However, in the rain or especially on warm days, it is hard to avoid a glove getting damp from perspiration or rainwater. How should this now be dried as gently as possible so that leather gloves in particular do not immediately become hard and brittle? It is best to put the glove in a dry place so that the fingers are also well ventilated from the inside. The most important thing here is gentle drying and not the quick version with a hair dryer or on the heater. Especially leather gloves have natural ingredients that keep the leather soft and supple. These are extracted from the leather with the “hair jerk method” with too much heat and quickly make the glove brittle. Synthetic materials are somewhat less susceptible, but here too the glove loses its resilience more quickly if it is treated with excessive heat. If gloves are not used for a longer period of time, it is recommended to store them in a dry and cool place. Whether leather or synthetic, usually all weather and light-related influences also have a direct impact on the service life of a golf glove.

A rain glove absorbs a little more moisture, so this one makes a little more sense in some weather conditions. All-weather gloves and gloves for the winter are of course alternatives that can help the one or the other player. However, even with golf gloves that are meant for multiple weather conditions or weather conditions, it should be noted that like all-weather tires on a car, they are a good alternative, but do not offer the best option for just one weather condition. Just as an all-weather tire is not the best summer or winter tire. It is just “only” a good alternative.

Purchase recommendation

In general, most golfers find wearing a leather glove more comfortable than a synthetic model. The leather glove provides a better grip and feel due to the natural material. It usually feels softer but also thinner and thus more natural. The synthetic glove is usually a little more robust. There is no clear purchase recommendation here, since the glove must give each golfer the individual feedback. A Cabretta leather glove, as offered by several top brands on the golf market, is usually found to be very comfortable. A favorite here is our TrueTouch model. But no matter what glove you choose, a clear buy recommendation is to definitely get a glove and always wear it on the round; whatever you end up favoring as your preferred model and material.

Putting with or without a glove?

But another important recommendation is to always take off your glove when playing on the green. This is where you want to get unbiased feedback from your putter. Even the best glove is not as good here as the feeling you get in your bare hands. For all other shots, a glove is essential for a good and secure grip and a golf game that avoids mistakes as much as possible. It provides a secure feeling at the moment of impact and allows the club handle to remain in the respective addressed position. When putting, you need very little force to keep the grip in the correct position. Here it is therefore more important to have the connection between the club and the palm of the hand to enable accurate and length-controlled play on the green.

I still do not need a glove!

There may be individual players who forgo it out of conviction, but you should always look to the good and best players to improve your own game. Can you remember a Masters winner in recent years who won this title without a glove?

If you haven’t already, decide to do so as well. It will advance your game and make it more consistent!