Golf balls with logo

Print golf balls with your logo

We offer you individually printed golf balls of the highest quality at an amazingly low price.

Golf ball as an advertising medium
The logo golf ball is the ideal advertising medium for your company. Whether at tournaments or as a personal gift for your customers. The attention from individual golf balls with logo is excellent.

Printing process
We use pad printing because it is the best way to ensure that your logo or image does not wear out even after several rounds of golf and that the advertising effect lasts for a long time.

Even if the golf ball lands in the lake and reappears some time later as a lake ball, the pad printing will still shine like on the first day.

What can you get printed?

There are many design options for your golf balls. We differentiate between company logos, plain text and colour photos.

Company logo on golf ball


The classic for every golf tournament. With every logo ball you get the attention of your customers and friends.

Print text on golf ball


Ideal for a small message. Here you can create a smart saying, your name with or without a date or many other text ideas.


Probably the most personal way of printing a golf ball. You can decorate your golf balls individually with an individual picture.

Only possible with UV printing!

How big can I print the golf balls?

You can print your golf balls in different sizes.
We show you the maximum dimensions for this here.

Golf ball logo print radius

⌀ approx. 1.02″ (26 mm)

Golf ball square logo

approx. 0.71″ x 0.71″ (18 x 18 mm)

Rectangle for golf logo ball

1.10″ x 0.39″ (28 x 10 mm)

Overview of prices with ball models

Our prices for each golf ball model

MYNT Talent Soft 12 and 3 with golf ball


2PC Surlyn

MYNT Ambition Tour 12pack and 3pack with ball


3PC Surlyn

MYNT Wizard Pro 12 and 3 with golf ball


3PC Urethane

ModelDescriptionCompressionTrajectoryDistanceDriver spinWedge spin
Talent Soft2-PC Soft Tour BallSuper Soft 50mediumlonglowhigh
Ambition Tour3-PC Soft Tour Ballsoft 80-90medium and longlongerlowhigh
Wizard Pro3-PC Soft Urethane Tour BallSoft 85medium and longlongerlowvery high
Informationen zur Druckgröße

The maximum print areas are: Square: approx. 0.71″ x 0.71″ (18 x 18 mm); Round: ⌀ approx. 1.02″ (26 mm): Rectangular approx. 1.10″ x 0.39″ (28 x 10 mm). If these print sizes are exceeded, extreme distortion of the logo will occur! Round or rectangular logos distort more the further they are placed from the outer edges of the print area. Due to the irregular surfaces of a golf ball, distortions may also occur within the print area in extreme cases; this is technically unavoidable.

Informationen zu Farbangaben

Please specify colours in Pantone (PMS), HKS or RAL only, as printing will be carried out according to these colours. For all other colour specifications, no liability can be accepted for the exact colour shade, as there are no comparison tables for this. Slight colour deviations from your colour samples or company colours are possible due to the printed material. If we do not receive any colour information from you for print approval, we will do our best to approximate your colour. However, the later printing colour is then no reason for complaint. Due to the round shape of the ball and the pennants, slight deviations in the lines of the print may occur. These deviations are greater the larger the logo placed. There are manufacturer logos on our balls. We will do our best to place your logo in a suitable position. As the balls are inserted individually by hand for printing, logos cannot be positioned exactly to the millimetre on the individual balls.

Please note that there is no return policy for printed balls. Logo golf balls are individualised products that are made to customer specifications.

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